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You are searching for the answer to have an easy, balanced and joyful life?


You aspire to be free

to do whatever you wish,

what you love and live for?


I will professionally guide you on your journey to experience healing for

body - soul - spirit.


I'm looking forward to meeting you.




Martina Berger



MBody - enliven your body, embody your spirit


Healings in

  • BERLIN              
  • Steinbach                                                                           Nuremberg, Northern Bavaria, South Germany, 90619    
  • Heiligendamm                                                                      on the Baltic Sea, Rostock, North Germany, 18209  


Personal Yoga individual worldwide


Ph: 0049 (0) 9107 92 60 81

Email: info@martinaberger.com



For Healing Sessions around the world just get in touch with me.